Saturday, December 22, 2012

Christmas Family Portrait Session || the V. Family || Youngsville, North Carolina || Hillridge Farms

 'Tis the season! 
 What a ball I had with this sweet family. I don't know who was more entertaining, the twin babies; the eldest daughter; or mom and dad - working with them was such fun! 

Those are definitely pinchable, kissable cheeks!

Mr. & Mrs. told me it was their tradition to do at least one crazy pose... I think they nailed it with this one!

Monday, June 4, 2012

Motorcycle Portrait Session || Patrick & Chrystal || Wake Forest, NC || Pt. 4

Last (but definitely not least!) we did Patrick and Chrystal - also known as Justin's parents. Chrystal was the one to make the first contact with me and organize the group. For Patrick and Chrystal we used the lovely pond backdrop - which is only enhanced by them, don't you agree? The sunlight was as perfect as my models were - just beginning to set, providing perfect shade without strong shadows. I loved working with this couple - they were super and also natural posers.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Motorcycle Portrait Session || Father & Daughter || Wake Forest, NC || Pt. 3

Thom and Jordan have to be one of the sweetest father and daughter team I've met - they are definitely one of the most photogenic! Jordan was absolutely gorgeous and they both knew exactly how to pose themselves. It was wonderful to work with them.

~Daddy & Daughter~ more post to follow!

Friday, June 1, 2012

Motorcycle Portrait Session || Matt & Nicole || Wake Forest, NC || Pt. 2

Matt and Nicole were the first couple who's portrait I shot earlier this May. They were fabulous to work with. Nichole was certain that her bike, 'Envy', was the prettiest of the bunch - and with that gorgeous green, I'm rather inclined to agree with her... though of course, I don't play favorites : ).

... but don't go far! More's a comin'!

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Motorcycle Portrait Session || Justin || Class of 2012 || Wake Forest, NC || Part 1

 Earlier this month I had the opportunity to do a unique photo session involving senior portraits, couple shots, and motorcycles! This was a first for me - I have rarely been around motorcycles, let alone use them as a photography prop - but I had a blast. Everyone involved was a ton of fun and they were all natural models - could it get any better? Plus I had my favorite assistant helping me - my Dad. He's great, tirelessly holding up my reflectors and defuser and noticing little details that even I sometimes overlook.

 Since there are so many photos from this shoot, I'll be sharing the photos over a series of days. This first posts highlights the main session I did that day - Justin's Senior Portraits.

 Mother & Son

Father & Son

Stay tuned for more photos!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Family Portraits || the N. Family || Wake Forest, NC || Joyner Park

Here in North Carolina, the Lord blessed us with some very favorable weather during the month of January - so warm that it felt more like mid fall than mid winter. Conditions were perfect for natural light portraits, and I had a wonderful time working with this lovely family who are also dear friends. 

Enjoy these glimpses from our time together!