Saturday, June 15, 2013

Baby Portrait Session || Baby A. || Youngsville, North Carolina

 What a fun time I had photographing this little doll (who you may remember from her family's session back in February). Her mom (who happens to be a dear friend of mine) agreed to let me come over and photograph her sweet baby modeling some of my newest headbands for my Etsy shop

 I was so excited to for her to be my model (just look at those pudgy cheeks!) and am thrilled to be offering these hand crafted headbands too. If you have a minute, hop over to my shop and give me a 'heart' or two!

(I don't know if it's 'correct' or not to lead with a favorite photo...but I did! This is my absolute favorite from the entire session.)

More fish lips! She liked that face, I think...

Happy baby... who doesn't love 'patty-cakes'?

Those eyelashes!

Only once did she actually yank a headband off - however she did try to slap at them a couple of times. I think she was doing that here - which ended up looking adorable (in my humble opinion).

Oh that toothy, little, baby grin. I just want to hug her now!