Saturday, June 15, 2013

Baby Portrait Session || Baby A. || Youngsville, North Carolina

 What a fun time I had photographing this little doll (who you may remember from her family's session back in February). Her mom (who happens to be a dear friend of mine) agreed to let me come over and photograph her sweet baby modeling some of my newest headbands for my Etsy shop

 I was so excited to for her to be my model (just look at those pudgy cheeks!) and am thrilled to be offering these hand crafted headbands too. If you have a minute, hop over to my shop and give me a 'heart' or two!

(I don't know if it's 'correct' or not to lead with a favorite photo...but I did! This is my absolute favorite from the entire session.)

More fish lips! She liked that face, I think...

Happy baby... who doesn't love 'patty-cakes'?

Those eyelashes!

Only once did she actually yank a headband off - however she did try to slap at them a couple of times. I think she was doing that here - which ended up looking adorable (in my humble opinion).

Oh that toothy, little, baby grin. I just want to hug her now!


Gabrielle Hellwig said...

She's getting so big! :) Beautiful pictures, Anna-Rebekah! I really need to practice indoor portraits more after seeing these... :)

Anna-Rebekah said...

Thanks, Gabrielle.

I usually shy away from indoor portraits also, but thankfully this house had a big window with a good amount of light streaming in.
I set her up slightly in front of the window and used the white side of my reflector to bounce the light back into her face(though for some photos she turned, and the window is directly to her right).

I still need to work on my indoor portraits, but I was pretty pleased with how these turned out.