Monday, October 28, 2013

6 Month Old Portraits || Baby J. || Youngsville, North Carolina

Today I have photos of one of the cutest little buddies to share.

This little guy recently had portraits done with his family, but when it came time his individual portrait, he just wasn't buyin' it - something about me taking too long and it being too close to his suppertime, I think he said...

So, we waited a few weeks and came back to get some 6 months portraits done. We had a much better go of it this time 'round. Though he still wasn't much for smiles (at least not while I had my camera poised and ready for action!), we had fun with plenty of brothers and sisters ready to help, along with a couple of chickens... 

Thanks, little guy, for being so cute!

No, not tears! (Those eyelashes are adorable, though!) 

Oh, that face and those big eyes! 

There's a smile! I think he likes big brother. 

A baby's portrait wouldn't be complete if we didn't capture those sweet little toes

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Family Portrait Session || the M. Family || Wake Forest, NC || Joyner Park

 It's family portrait season here! And what's not to love with the (sometimes) cooler weather; changing colors of the leaves; and beautiful, happy families?

 I so enjoyed working with this fun family! We had an overcast day, which brings it's own challenges, but they were so fun and easy to work with that we had a great time despite the clouds.

 Thank you, dear M.'s, for the privileged of of photographing your beautiful family!

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Family Portraits || the D. Family || Wake Forest, North Carolina || Joyner Park

It was such a pleasure to meet and serve this family. So sweet and genuine - I thoroughly enjoyed the time I spent with them. 

This was a special portrait session since their dear little dog's health has been failing and they don't know how much longer they'll have with him. 

It was an honor to capture this beautiful family with my lens and I hope that these portraits will be treasured by them both now and in years to come.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Newborn Portrait Session || Baby S. || Wake Forest, North Carolina

Is there a better word to describe this baby other than adorable

I had a wonderful time photographing this little sweetheart - she was so good; very quiet, and content. Her two older siblings were darling (and hilarious!) as well. 

I just love this little family to pieces!

Her mommy was kind enough to let her model some of the newest headbands in my Etsy shop.
Doesn't she make a beautiful model?

The happy big sister. She was very pleased to show me her newest sibling when I arrived.
You might remember her from a previous post when she was just a baby herself. I think she and her sister look so much alike.

The whole crew! 
Big brother was precious - you knew right away that he loved his baby sister! 

Kisses for baby!