Monday, October 28, 2013

6 Month Old Portraits || Baby J. || Youngsville, North Carolina

Today I have photos of one of the cutest little buddies to share.

This little guy recently had portraits done with his family, but when it came time his individual portrait, he just wasn't buyin' it - something about me taking too long and it being too close to his suppertime, I think he said...

So, we waited a few weeks and came back to get some 6 months portraits done. We had a much better go of it this time 'round. Though he still wasn't much for smiles (at least not while I had my camera poised and ready for action!), we had fun with plenty of brothers and sisters ready to help, along with a couple of chickens... 

Thanks, little guy, for being so cute!

No, not tears! (Those eyelashes are adorable, though!) 

Oh, that face and those big eyes! 

There's a smile! I think he likes big brother. 

A baby's portrait wouldn't be complete if we didn't capture those sweet little toes

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