Monday, December 8, 2014

Engagement Portraits || Tim & Katharina || Wake Forest, North Carolina || Joyner Park

Wedding bells are ringing and we're celebrating with some fun engagement portraits!

Tim & Katharina chose to do their portraits at the beautiful Joyner Park where Tim proposed just a few months before. We spent a lovely afternoon chasing the gorgeous golden hour light.

It was a real joy to be able to photograph these two - they are fast becoming dear friends of mine! They are such a cute couple - both quiet and kind, it is such fun to watch them interact with each other! I am so looking forward to their wedding!

Family Portraits || the W. Family || Youngsville, North Carolina || Hillridge Farms

I love this time of year - changing weather, changing color, holidays, and lots of beautiful people to photograph! 

Had a wonderful time doing this session for my dear friends, the W. family. Of course, spending time with your friends is always fun and these guys were super easy to work with! 

Thank you so much, dear W.'s, for letting me photograph your beautiful family!

(Yes, I am totally envious of her hair! Gorgeous!) 

Mama and her girls
(they look like they could all be sisters, don't they?) 

Mother & Son 

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Senior Portraits || Bradyn || Historic Red Hill, VA || Patrick Henry's Plantation

Spent a gorgeous afternoon shooting Bradyn's portraits at the beautiful, historic Red Hill Plantation - Patrick Henry's last home. 

Bradyn and his mom chose the location and though it was a good two hours away, the long hours in the car were absolutely worth it! The plantation was beautiful - peaceful with simple, natural, yet stunning scenery - and the historic and natural elements were simply perfect for Bradyn's senior portraits. 

This was such a fun session to do (thanks so much, Bradyn and Mrs. C.!) and listening to Bradyn play his violin for some of the shots was amazing - I hated to make him stop to move to the next spot! Bradyn is such an incredible musician and it was a true honor to be able to capture his senior portraits. 

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Family Portraits || the B. Family || Wake Forest, NC || Southeastern Baptist Seminary

Had another wonderful time with this fun family. You might remember them from last year. I was asked to photograph their beautiful family again, which was such an privilege!

They chose the gorgeous Southeastern Baptist Seminary grounds for their location (where I also photographed their eldest daughter earlier this summer) - it was simply perfect. I've really enjoyed getting to know that spot better and loved shooting around the lovely scenery.

Thanks so much, dear B.'s for making this such a great session!

Silly time!